Body CT Secrets for ARRT credit hours

Ultrasound: The Requisites
34.5 ASRT approved ARRT Cat A Credit Hrs.           #U092-3TOE

This Scrubs CE Ultrasound course discusses basic physics with emphasis on artifacts and image optimization. It includes chromosomal abnormalities, evaluation for aneuploidy and analysis of cell-free DNA.  It discusses ultrasound studies of the thyroid, salivary gland, lymph nodes, bowel, musculoskeletal system and OB/GYN, including changes in the approach to ectopic pregnancy, non-viable pregnancy, asymptomatic adnexal cysts and other fetal anomalies.

CALIFORNIA: Does NOT meets continuing educ. requirements   
TEXAS: Directly related  
IOWA: Accepted 

  • Item #: U092-3TOE

Ultrasound: The Requisites- Test Only Emailed

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